The Global DEI Census 2023 Top Findings are Here!

Despite one in two saying things are improving, inclusion scores remain the same as in 2021 in the Global DEI Census 2023 results

Nearly one in seven members of the global marketing industry say they would leave our industry on the back of a lack of diversity, equity and inclusion, according to responses to the 2023 Global DEI Census.

The picture is even worse among certain groups, with 16% of women (almost 1 in 6), 17% of LGBQ+ (1 in 6), 22% of ethnic minorities (more than 1 in 5) and 24% of disabled respondents (almost 1 in 4) say they are likely to leave. Younger professionals (25-34 years) and caregivers are also slightly more likely to leave than the global average (18% vs 14%).

The overall one in seven figure remains the same as that found by the first Global Census on DEI in 2021 despite all the efforts that companies have made to increase diversity, retain talent and improve their appeal to potential employees around the world.

“First, I want to thank to every single person who has contributed to the Census. Thanks to you, we can see that progress is being acknowledged which means we are going in the right direction. However, the ongoing discrimination faced by women, LGBQ+, ethnic minorities and people with disabilities shows that there is still a long way to go. These revealing figures are a vital opportunity for our industry – we must respond with purposeful action, weaving diversity and inclusion into the very heart of our organisations, to create a nurturing environment where each person is embraced, valued, and empowered,” said Tamara Daltroff, VoxComm President.